We use NLP & offline technology to personalize and expand access to Africa’s $700B+ mobile money market. Our Conversational AI technology is offered in various local languages and works offline where 90% of Africa’s mobile money transactions occur. Our tech allows a wider range of financial services to be offered to users without the need of an internet connection, advanced smartphones, or high localization and personalization costs.


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Leadership Team


Sabelo Mhlambi | Founder & CEO

Sabelo is an Ethics-AI researcher and an AI practitioner with a strong record of creating scalable and localized infrastructure for Natural Language Processing for African languages. His research fellowships at Harvard University’s Berkman-Klein Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University’s Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, and Stanford University’s Digital Civil Society Lab have allowed him to focus on using AI for good, development while unlocking business opportunities in emerging economies. His research is also informed by nearly a decade of industry experience building large scale AI systems and high traffic services in Los Angeles & Silicon Valley startups.

Sabelo Sethu Mhlambi - Practitioner Fellow (Digital Civil Society Lab) - Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society (Stanford PACS) | LinkedIn

Value Proposition

🤖 Personalizing $700B+ of mobile transactions

Users can conduct financial services in the languages they are most comfortable with whether they have an internet connection or not. This allows for better user experience that is much faster and easier to use than the industry USSD standard.

🏦 Automating and creating a wider range of financial services

Users are not able to communicate complex financial requests through USSD alone as it only allows users to enter number choices through a series of multiple screens. Our NLP allows users to express a wide range complex requests in fewer screens and more than half as fast as USSD.

📊 Data Insights

USSD transactions offer little user insight on consumer behavior and preferences. Questions such as what were users searching for prior to a transaction or what Our technology can track critical data points and identify areas of interest to businesses.

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