Cortana is one of the most active and helpful features of Windows 10. The drastic change is that it is available not just in Windows phones but also on PC. Many of the time people think that it only works as an assistant but actually, people can also give orders and put up their queries. The best part is that people can work on Cortana in every corner of the world.

Cortana can be used in plenty of ways. Some of its most frequent and best uses are given below, so read it carefully.

  1. Setting of reminders

Cortana has a useful inbuilt extraordinary function of giving reminders which is in actually much more than just providing simple reminders. For instance, utilise the Reminder icon or only speak out ‘Remind me’ to begin with it. The user can make a reminder and then make Cortana reminds the user about any of the things like ‘Remind me to take my shower at 7 am’ or ‘Remind me to purchase books when I go to the market (name of the market)’ to make a reminder instantly.

  1. Simple language for searching

Cortana offers simple language searching for documents on PC. For instance, the user can say Cortana to ‘search images from January’ or ‘search files related to Windows’ which implies searching for images from January or files about Windows.

Luckily, it has a built-in Windows finding feature that too with more simple language abilities. It is much more comfortable to utilise than the old one.

  1. Recognising the music

Like other applications, even Cortana can after listening to the music around the user understand it. The user needs to ask ‘what is this music?’ and in return, Cortana will utilise microphone to hear the song and equivalent it to the music. Overall, this works more nicely with recorded than with the live once.

  1. Doing calculations

Cortana can do quick calculations as well. It is worth noting that user can even type on the Cortana search box also which makes helps avoiding saying big numbers.

  1. Knowing about flights and packages

Cortana can know about trips by utilising the flight no. and packages after using their tracking no. For instance, the user needs to put a flight or package tracking no. into the Cortana search box -the user only needs to copy-and-paste it- to know its present status.

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