<aside> 👉🏻 This page will store answers to questions around the establishment of the program, ranging from compliance and disbursement to application intake and grantee management. Please note that this is and will continue to be a work in progress for the near future. The purpose of keeping a database of best practices is to help future iterations and program forks with easy to digest shared knowledge. If you'd like to suggest any topics to be introduced or expanded on, please ping us on @uniswapgrants!


Grant application processing & diligence

Public vs Private Application Processing

There are significant tradeoffs with public and private submissions, both providing very different types of benefits. With a completely public application process, where anyone can see every submission, this holds some applicants to a quality standard/threshold and can be helpful for those currently filling out their applications. On the other hand, a completely public process prevents some teams from applying at the risk of losing their competitive edge. This also presents a larger concern over user/data privacy.

Application process & applicant experience


Grantee onboarding & management

Onboarding process