Object Labels & Revisions

<aside> 💡 This content applies to IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.5.3 and later. As of September 2017, the Best Practices for Application Upgrade document will no longer be updated in PDF format (see Archive section). Instead, its content will be updated in wiki format below.


What are the best practices for application upgrade?

IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.5.3 builds on the object revisioning and labeling capabilities of previous releases by providing the ability to apply a custom object label to specific objects and the ability to revert an object to a previous revision. The objects that you can revert in this TRIRIGA release are forms, queries, and business objects.

This wiki provides best-practice instructions for how to manage future upgrades of your IBM TRIRIGA application objects.

In IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.5.3, this upgrade process covers only business objects, modules, forms, queries, navigation collections, navigation items, portals, portal sections, security groups, workflows, and UX metadata. Low-level objects still need to be processed in the same way as they are in previous versions.

Upgrade Requirements & Benefits

004.01 AU Upgrade Requirements V2.pdf

Upgrade Preparation

004.02 AU Upgrade Preparation V2.pdf