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Journey - UX Track Lead (URGENT)

Journey - DL/DS Track Lead (URGENT)

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Web Developer (Global Project)

Project Mentor

HR Manager

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Partnerships Manager

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Life at TechLabs Berlin e.V.

In 2017 TechLabs started in Münster with a clear idea of the impact it wanted to create in the world. As we've moved forward, we've come to the point at which we wanted to work with more diverse and creative communities. Berlin is the perfect answer for this. The combination of Berlin's rich startup eco-system, its colorful inhabitants and an engaged local management team, solidifies our presence and motivation to be in Berlin.

Starting out with a team of five in late 2019, our local team in Berlin has grown to 18 lovely and highly motivated people: Melina, Huyen, Hui, Sandra, Cagdas, Ania, Chelsea, Juliana, Catarina, Gerrit, Stephanie, Leonor, Laura, Mihailo, Weronika, Maximillian, Hayden and Zubin. 👋

Despite all the obstacles that SARS-CoV-2 brought us during our first TechLabs Berlin semester in spring/summer 2020, we are very proud to have made it possible nonetheless. Even more, we are happy that some of our former participants (= Techies) have decided to join the management team.

We are always happy to welcome new volunteers in our team. Don't hesitate and fill out the Form below! We'll get in touch with you and try to meet in person for a chat!

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