Lecture series for international students and outgoing exchange students. Jointly organized by Université de Liège and Universiteit Gent.

<aside> 🥥 In a nutshell: Monday October 25 - In the Air 20:00, het Pand

Tuesday October 26 - Pascal Verbeeken 20:00, het Pand

Wednesday October 27 - Michaël Gillon 20:00, het Pand

Thursday October 28 - Lieve Blancquaert 20:00, Aula



Monday October 25

In The Air Monday October 25 Doors at 19:30 Start at 20:00 het Pand



Microsoft, Facebook, Google: according to legend they were founded in student dorms. The same goes for In The Air. This company was founded in 2012 by Université de Liège student Clement Kerstenne and his friend Philippe Bougard. And when you look at their logo you might think that they established a cloud service. Are they another successful IT business founded by students? No! They’re successful, but they don’t sell IT: In The Air sells real magic! Clement and Philippe gathered a team of engineers, graphic designers, entrepreneurs and professional magicians, and specialized in using magic for promotional messages. In only a few years In The Air has become the number one magic company in Belgium and gained international fame by working for world-class brands like Ferrari, Orange and Canon, as well as for the Belgian royal family. Clement and Philippe will tell you everything about their life as young Belgian entrepreneurs and their international success but beware, some magic might happen as well.

Tuesday October 26

Pascal Verbeken Tuesday October 26 Doors at 19:30 Start at 20:00 het Pand


Pascal Verbeken publishes in Belgian newspapers and weeklies, writes non-fiction books and makes documentary films. His work brings together journalism, history, slow travel and the state-of-the-nation of Belgium. Since 2020 Pascal is the editor-in-chief of Wilfried Magazine, a magazine with an unique scope: the whole of Belgium and not just one region or one language community. In his lecture based on his book and tv documentary Pascal tells how Flemish and Walloon people think about Belgium and how their perspectives are influenced by social economic situations in the past and the present and not by culture and language.

Wednesday October 27

Michaël Gillon Wednesday October 27 Doors at 19:30 Start at 20:00 het Pand