Tuesday October 4

Pascal Verbeken publishes in Belgian newspapers and weeklies, writes non-fiction books and makes documentary films. His work brings together journalism, history, slow travel and the state-of-the-nation of Belgium. Since 2020 Pascal is the editor-in-chief of Wilfried Magazine, a magazine with an unique scope: the whole of Belgium and not just one region or one language community. In his lecture based on his book and tv documentary Pascal tells how Flemish and Walloon people think about Belgium and how their perspectives are influenced by social economic situations in the past and the present and not by culture and language.

Monday October 10

Lieve Blancquaert is a documentary photographer with pictures to show and lots to tell. Lieve travelled the world looking for the stories behind special rituals, traditions and customs around the world. She films and photographs and afterwards composes her images into books, tv documentaries and lectures. Most recently Lieve turned her lens (and her interest) towards sexuality. She wanted to find out how women and men at different places in the world and in different cultures cope with love, relations, gender and sex.