update: Sadly Sonos has acquired Snips.ai the platform I had used for creating personal voice assistant 😿

Note: This project is for fun purposes only. Not a commercial solution as a whole. © CC BY-NC-SA

Project14 | Being Lazy - Home Automation



What is Home Automation? It is a very big term meaning a lot of things nowadays. Literally, it is to automate your home. Like set timer for your devices, alarms and more. But it now means a method to communicate with your devices and also making it smart. But it is just equivalent to "Being Lazy". You need a way to turn on/off the lights because you are lazy to get up. Same to control other appliances!

So, this project is intended to make your job easier by making it difficult (actually easy) to make and then enjoy your result (of code). In this project we will make our own assistant that listens to us and controls lights/fans/appliances; sets alarm for a specific task; answer some basic questions.

Hardware Required:

Software Required: