Notion Certified Consultants are trusted productivity experts and solutions architects.

Through bespoke implementation and personalized training, Notion Certified Consultants help companies, teams, and individuals eliminate barriers to productivity, efficiency, and the pursuit of goals—at home and at work.

After becoming Notion Certified, they add the advanced Consultant Certification by demonstrating informed implementation strategies to solve common problems.

1. Distinguish your expertise

2. Propel your career.

3. Become a Notion Certified Consultant.


🎖️ Validate your mastery.

The Notion Certified Consultant badge is your mark as a certified Notion professional. Display it proudly within your website, email signature, and online profiles.

🤫 Become a Notion insider.

Join our workspace for direct access to the Notion team and regular updates to the program.

🔎 Get discovered.

When Notion users seek expert guidance, they turn to our official consultant directory. Showcase your portfolio and distinguish your specialties to match with ideal clients.

📊 Build your business.

Access a variety of resources to fuel your prosperous consultancy. That includes your own Enterprise workspace to propel your content production.

How it Works

  1. Get Notion Certified.

    Get Notion Certified before adding the advanced Consultant Certification.

  2. Lay the foundation. Build momentum with your business, then assemble a robust application and prepare for the assessment.

  3. Submit your application. Be prepared to provide three examples of your client work — each with a reference.

  4. Pass the practical exercise. Through a hypothetical client project, you’ll create complex solutions to common problems using advanced Notion tactics, best practices and proven methodologies. ****

  5. Access your resources. Access your complimentary Enterprise workspace and other resources to empower your business.

  6. Grow with Notion. Get discovered in the official Notion Certified Consultant directory and grow your business together with Notion.