Advent to Easter, starting Sunday, November 28 to Sunday, April 17

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Zion will provide Immerse: Messiah books. Contact Pastor Clark if you’re interested in participating or hosting.

Take the Struggle out of Bible Reading

Does Bible reading ever feel like a chore? Spending time in Scripture is vital for spiritual growth, yet many people struggle with confusion and boredom when they open the Bible.

Immerse removes many of the barriers which make Bible reading difficult, paving the way for deep connection with God and others through the Scriptures.

Fresh, Unmediated Conversations: More Like A Book Club

Immerse is designed to help communities experience the Bible together in a unique and powerful way. It’s intentionally uncomplicated.

Each week, participants read the assigned reading on their own, then gather to have “book club” style discussions where they can share their observations and questions based on the week’s reading. These warm and inviting group experiences set the table for authentic community interaction around the text.

Time Involvement


Click for more on The Immerse Bible

Click for more on The Immerse Bible

Group Conversation Starters

Rather than the traditional Bible study format, Immerse encourages groups to simply have conversations about what they’ve read, more like a book club. There are no study guides, workbooks, or DVD lessons. Just organic, free-flowing discussions about Scripture and these 4 conversation starters:

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