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2S3P Li-ion battery pack for CubeSat designs

Tested against the following flight requirement documents: (the cells you use play a big role here)

<aside> ⚠️ This is only a battery pack (with safety circuits). By design, there are no energy harvesting or power regulation functions on-board.



The board has 4 spots for screw terminals (or whatever else you want to use) and 1 spot for a JST-style connector housing (our preferred method of connecting batteries).

The JST connector footprint accommodates either:

  1. Surface mount straight
  2. Surface mount right angle

If you're not experienced crimping these JST PH connectors, buy premade ones.

⚠ If you buy premade cables w/ connectors, be mindful of the wire color! Make sure it matches the polarity markings on the board or you're setting yourself up for trouble.