Welcome to SpatialChat!

Here we kind of simulate live conferences. This article provides information on the main aspects of interactions in SpatialChat.

Your Device

If you tidy yourself up to attend a real conference, we need to prepare your device to attend a virtual event.

Your device settings

Hello! My name is...

Just like at a live event, you need a badge. In SpatialChat, this is an avatar and description. Here's how to set them:

How to upload your avatar

Personal description

Moving between rooms

When you press the "Join Space" button, you will be taken to one of the rooms.

One picture, instead of a thousand words:


If suddenly you do not see a list of rooms, take a look at this article:

How to move between rooms

Moving inside the room

The best way to demonstrate the mechanics of interaction with participants (Spatial audio) is this video segment. Just click on your circle and drag it to any other location.