Everything you see in OnLoop is connected by our signature tag framework. From Captures and Learn recommendations to insights on yourself and your team, our tags help you identify superpowers and blind spots at a glance. Here's how to make the most of them:

Use tags when you Capture

Whenever you Capture a Celebrate or an Improve, you'll be prompted to select at least one tag. We've helped you get started with 7 core tag categories, each with their own suggested tags.

<aside> 🚀 Pro tip: Press and hold any tag category or tag to learn more about it


Our categories are:

Can I delete tags?

Yes, as long as you haven't shared the Capture yet! To do so, you need to click on the Capture , and remove the tag you want, then hit 'save'.

Is it required to add tags before saving a Capture?

Yes, if you're making Captures from the web browser or mobile app, but for Captures made directly from Slack you can add tags later when you open your inbox in the app!