Integrating Audiofunnel with ClickFunnels is fairly easy.

You will have to copy/paste a little bit of code here, called a script. However, don't let yourself be intimidated by that. We'll walk you through the process step-by-step. In order to make it easy for you, we marked your To-Dos in orange.

1. Create A New Script For Your ClickFunnels Page.

As you might know, ClickFunnels is based on several pages that are connected with each other to create a holistic experience to the user, giving you plenty of opportunities to optimize on each step. Therefore, Audiofunnel integration happens on a page level.

var secondPageURL = "<https://your-second-page-url>";
var aflr_builder = "clickfunnels";
<script src="<>" defer>

<aside> 💡 The purpose of this script will is to collect the name of the user from your form and handing it over to the second page where your audio player lives.


2. Integrate The Audio Player On Your Second Page