Table of contents:

Getting started

If you're looking for gameplay information, you're in the right place! Step one; read the rules! These can also be viewed in-game with /rules. Once you're familiar with how our regulations work, you can begin your survival adventure! To find an area to build, make sure you are in one of the following worlds: Yellow, Green or Blue. Those are the worlds that are for building and settling down in. To get to one of the worlds, simply run /wild and you'll be taken to the portal at spawn.

Through this portal you can access the coloured worlds, as well as the resource worlds. Craftadia provides players with both an overworld resource world, as well as a nether resource world. The resource worlds are similar to all the other worlds, however they reset twice a week! The resource worlds reset on Mondays and Fridays. Use these worlds to gather resources as you please. To avoid confusion, resource worlds cannot be claimed in, nor can users create warps and homes here - they are purely for gathering materials.

Craftadia gives all players the ability to claim and protect your items and land. Make sure to claim your land when on the server, there is a possibility you will be griefed if you do not claim your land. You must also make sure to set a home in your claimed area, or you will have to walk to the coordinates of your claim. Do /land or press F to open a menu where you can manage your homes, land members, warps and claims.

Claiming land

When claiming your land, make sure to check you aren’t intruding on anyone else's area by blocking them in, etc. Treat the players who may have claims around you with respect. You claim land chunk by chunk (a chunk is 16x16 from bedrock and up). Press F3+G to show the 16x16 chunk outline. Do /land or press F to open a menu where you can manage your homes, land members, warps and claims.

/map - Shows a map of claims/chunks around you. You can also claim chunks using this map; hover over an unclaimed chunk on the map, click it and claim it.

/claim - Type twice to claim a 16x16 area you are standing in.

/claim [radius]- Type a radius to claim a radius around you.

/unclaim - Type twice to unclaim a 16x16 area you are standing in.

/claim public - Gives full access to the chunk other than breaking and placing blocks. Players will be able to open chests. Command must be used in an already claimed area.

/claims -  Shows all your claims and coords.

Setting home

Make sure to set a home in the land you claim, it allows you to have quick access to it instead of having to walk to the coords of the claim.

/sethome [name] - Sets home in the spot you are standing in.

/delhome [name] - Deletes home under that name.