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Operations Guru 👨‍🔧👩‍🔧

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Head of Journey 🏎️🏎️

Journey Manager 🏎️🏎️

Head of Partnerships 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Head of Marketing 🚀🚀

Open positions or not - If you're interested to join our team, contact us at and we'll see if there is a position for you.

➡️ Recording of Past I**nfo-Session about TechLabs Barcelona 🎬**

Life at TechLabs Barcelona

TechLabs Barcelona is ESADE's coding association with a focus on business students. We prefer quality of quantity and that's why we have a relatively strict application process and implemented a mid-term exam for our Techies. We believe that great achievements come from hard work & dedication. 💪💪💪

Of course, people, who work hard, should/can also play hard. That's why we organize regular team events (e.g. the passing of the exam event at l'Ovella Negra, or the semester party at the end of the year; because of the COVID pandemic most events had been online in 20/21).

In 20/21 we also introduced our own speaker series, "role models in tech". With speakers from IBM and HP we showed our students what it means to work in tech, what the future trends are and how they can leverage the TechLabs program for their future job!

Since we are still a young organization, we appreciate constant feedback or ideas from any member and are willing to incorporate them within the current or future TechLabs Barcelona journey! 🙌