Mission Statement


💬 Our mission is to amplify the values of BanklessDAO, by delivering creative Web3 marketing solutions to help the BanklessDAO initiatives, partners, and clients get in front of the right people with the right message.


💬 We align with the values of the DAO... at this time, we have not adapted our own 😎


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Ideas & Suggestions

Bankless Flag Bearers: How to Add a Black Flag to your Profile 🏴

Regular Department Meetings

Meeting Day & Time
Marketing Department Weekly Thursdays 17:00 UTC [1 hr]
Onboarding Session Thursdays [45 min]
16:00 UTC
Governance Session Every second Tuesday [30 min]
13:00 UTC
Social Media Coordination Wednesdays 14:00 UTC [45 mins]
Content Strategy Wednesdays [30 min]
14:00 UTC

Season Kick Off

How-to Guides (WIP)

Documentation & Operations

How to setup a bounty on DeWork

How to submit bounties on DeWork

How to lead a Campaign Type A

How to lead a Campaign Type B

How to lead a Campaign Type C

How to make a Twitter Spaces request

How to on Social Media Best Practices

How to use Buffer

Website Branding & Design

bDAO Website Design Workflow

Marketing Index

Meeting Notes - Marketing Department

Our Constitution - Marketing Department

Talent Coordination

Onboarding Handbook Marketing Department

Member Form

Onboarded Members List

Tally Forms

Active MD Members


Sponsorship Guide

Campaign & Projects Overview

Campaign Workstream To-Do List

Campaign Database

Campaign Template

Campaign Strategy Bi-Weekly Call Agenda

Content Creation

Content Type, Workflow and Requirement/Deliverables

Content Creation - 7 Key Domains

Twitter Spaces Coordination (Work in progress)

Social Media

Content Calendar

Content Strategy Meeting Minutes

Important Dates for Content Creation

Weekly Roll-up Content Creation


Governance To-Do List


Season 4 Election Summary

Marketing Guild Season 4 Budget

Marketing Guild Season 5 Budget

Marketing Guild Season 6 Budget

Marketing Guild Season 7 Budget

Coordinape Limited within the MG




External Relations Resources

External Relations Resources (Google Drive)

This folder contains the official documentation to be used in external relations on behalf of bDAO.

**Master Pitch Deck (Google Drive)**

Campaign Template

If you are a Campaign Lead, this is your starting point.

Fork this document and #JustDAOit.

Brand Guidelines (on Figma)

Design Resources & Styleguide

S9 Talent Directory

Role Member S09
Department Coordinator @Erennn Taarg
Campaign Coordinator Tundeeey🏴#9140
Social Media Coordinator Oluwasijibomi#6263
Governance Specialist Boluwatife#4523
Treasury Specialist Ximpli Ana
Talent Coordinator sketchbreezy#1411
Content Manager Quilia
Instagram & Facebook Zara#3499
TikTok Deewon#1185
LinkedIn Vibrantty#4886
Twitter Freedo_minant#1013

Guild Structure

Complete Marketing Guild Marketing Sobol Overview