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Welcome to BanklessDAO. Congratulations on being a part of the New Joiners' Session (NJS)! We are delighted to have you with us. This cheat sheet will serve as a handy guide to cover some essential and helpful things to know about BanklessDAO (bDAO). It contains supplementary information in addition to what was covered in the session.

Question: Will this cheat sheet provide a complete overview of everything going on?

As much as we would like to do that, it is almost impossible to summarise everything that happens in bDAO because of how spontaneous and organic it is. However, we do our best to cover the basics for you!

<aside> 💡 Did you know: BanklessDAO and BanklessLLC are two different organisations. While there is a slight overlap of manpower and values, the latter is a media company owned by Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman while the former is a completely community-run social DAO.


1.0 Understand the organisation

<aside> 💡 Did you know: the $BANK token is the most widely held social token across Web3 👀.


The organisation at bDAO is simple: we are recognised by:

As for projects, we have 34,521 projec- nah we're just messing with you. But yeah, there are way too many to list all of them, but we have stuff related to websites, international outreach programs, mobile apps, NFTs, podcasts, newsletters, educational programs, discord bots, analytic software, DAO onboarding (this entire session was born here 👀), and marketing partnerships.

2.0 How do we work?

2.1 What are seasons?


<aside> 🌤️ Seasons are meant to act as a mechanism to align the DAO on a core set of goals and projects with an encompassing distribution program.