Title: Bankless Mobile App Season 3 Budget Proposal Authors: @0xNSHuman Date Created: 2021-12-10 Date Posted: 2021-12-18


After releasing the Beta version of Bankless Mobile App in Season 2 with the initial core feature set and variety of content produced across the DAO and HQ, we are going to focus on growth opportunities, including development of new features that are universal in DAO communications and operations, as well as promotion of the mobile solutions to other DAOs as part of the content platform.

Bankless DAO Content Platform Concept.jpg

However, there are important considerations that affect our budget request.

In Season 2, we deliberately kept all the roles assigned to a single contributor, because we believe in the power and productivity of small and highly-specialized core teams at the earliest stage of development. We achieved everything we wanted, and I’m convinced that the value DAO received is worth the BANK spent.

In Season 3, we couldn’t be more inviting to have new contributors join and start executing on many of the roles using the newly built foundation. However, we just started looking for the first potential contributors and it will take more time to onboard people and start distributing the workload.

This presents a challenge for us, because one of our biggest goals in Season 3 is to achieve self-sustainability and marketability for the product, and we can’t just keep working on features 70 hours a week. Besides that, we need to allocate time for participation in the DAO and Dev Guild governance.

For these reasons, we’re seeing the need to manage expectations and risks until we have a clearer picture of what our new team is going to look like, how delegation of the scope will affect productivity (remember, bigger teams are often less productive, as counter-intuitive as it sounds), and what our market opportunities are.

With the intention to remain a long-term asset in the DAO, for optimally distributed pressure on the treasury, and for our own peace of mind, we’re asking for 50% of what our actual estimated budget is — 192,000 BANK.

We will focus on team growth and market orientation, and once we’ve onboarded more contributors and synchronized with them on the workflow and values — we will submit application for additional funding later in the season.

Total funding requested: 192,000 BANK.