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The company:

Bank Caixa Econômica Federal

The challenge:

How can I help my user to have more financial control through a dashboard design?

The solution:

Creation of two dashboard for the bank

Project Context

This is the Level 1.2 case study of Aela's Master Interface Design Bootcamp.

The study's purpose is to evaluate the student's knowledge about UI principles and content hierarchy.

Scope and Constraints

Because it was a solo study case, I’ve only used methods that didn’t require any money.


This case study was about creating an interface for a web product, dashboard style, with all the relevant contend for the product.

The product should be a viable idea for some well-known brand on the market, being possible to work with design or re-design.

The page had to be designed for desktop, focused on standard page formatting. It didn't need responsive design or mobile version.

My role

I developed this study all by myself.

In order to improve the quality of my design, I’ve received feedback from Aela’s mentors.


I used the Double diamond approach.

Table of content


Desk Research

User Research

Problem definition


Problem statement