Dear Friends,

We know it has been a while since our last one. We intentionally lost ourselves on Clubhouse & to deepen our research work.

At this time, we are choosing to be even braver than before and clearly state our position on the current world events.

We believe that we as a Humanity have been fooled and misled for years and years now, especially in the past year and a half, where falling old paradigm authorities are spreading fear of death and imposing lockdowns and measures beyond the frequency of language we wish to utilize here on this communication channel. We are claiming full responsibility of our own health.

After a super careful consideration, Balanced Fashion no longer acts as a consultancy, and no longer has an official team of people or clients, we are a collective consciousness and consider everyone to be part of the Balanced Fashion family, whenever you are ready and resonate with our philosophy. We have now grown into what we call Balanced Culture, where we focus on creating a narrative reporting on the currently happening cultural movement of our dreams towards Balanced Humanity, a completely new and upgraded social structure that we envisioned and set to manifest by the 2030.

As we only have one Planet Earth to enjoy living on at this time and ideas of exploring moving to Mars or other planets feel absolutely not cool to us in this lifetime, it is our responsibility to take care of Mother Gaia and the Humanity cohabitating with Her. As of writing this text on June 12, 2021, we are living in the world that has finally woken up to the fact that humans are an incredibly fragile species and are extremely receptive to someone else's way of presenting reality to us. The truth is that we are the ones shaping our own reality and we are free to collectively choose a path for ourselves if we reach an agreement to commit to the reality that is peaceful, where humans are absolutely healthy, full of abundance, joy and love. All we need is to vote with our actions and being, the dynamic, healthy balance between the two, at each moment of our precious life.

While some of us got really shaken up by the narrative that has been imposed onto us by the global governmental figures back in 2020, many of us have recovered from that intense manipulation and have started (or continued, as in our case) building a completely new life for ourselves, where we focus on love, creativity, mental health care, building strong relationships with ourselves and those who we choose to consider our closest ones. We came to a deep understanding that taking care of the greater collective requires modeling what is exciting and possible to achieve for us personally and thus inspiring others to join this quiet and very, very, undeniably powerful evolution of our collective human consciousness that so many of us are taking part of already, whether intentionally or not. We are on the greatest timeline towards our unprecedented Humanity's Rebalancing Act!

This Act is what we are committed to in Balanced Fashion. It is to embody Balanced Culture in order to shape Balanced Humanity by 2030s via experiencing this vision of the future in the NOW. Because where we are (operating from our heartspace), the concept of time as we know it doesn’t exist, and thus we are capable to agree to release that limitation and move towards a non-linear, lighter, simpler, and much more peaceful, balanced and harmonious way of operating on this Planet Earth.

Now, why start with Fashion & Culture? Because I, one of the igniters of this movement, have been operating in the intersection of fashion, art, technology, and consciousness my whole life and seeing these themes as the key tools to weave the most epic fabric of Humanity we can ever imagine! To create an alternative story that leads us towards a new, dynamically balanced life and invite everyone who is ready to embrace the Truth behind our natural superpowers. We choose to live from our hearts, and utilize our expanded minds to take intentional actions towards a common, united goal of building that beyond epic new life together, collecting the visions of what Balanced Humanity could look and feel like and sharing those visions with each other with love, kindness and respect. It is easier to build new, powerful systems when we agree on that vision by integrating our ideas and business entities together and embracing technology as a tool for seamless co-creation, a bridge towards the next level of communications. Telepathic.

Fashion has the capacity to shape and communicate our values to each other without words, that is why we started with this concept that is now deeper falling back into the nature of culture as the industry disintegrates and folds down.

Below, we have curated a list of the most recent materials that we feel are moving towards Balanced Culture via our vision of what brings us closer to Balanced Fashion. We also included some questionable, transitional fads that are presented as a reflection to guide us towards what we mean by balance: a dynamic way of finding peace within and in the way we choose to show up in the world at each given moment. That does not require big authority figures and corporations telling us what we should and should not do. We are intrinsically free to decide and manifest the reality of our dreams for ourselves, as long as we do not let anyone with any old life's intentions to keep us in the darkness of slavery and suffering. We are sovereign beings and it is time to take our power back as a United Balanced Humanity.

Did we get too deep? Not surprised.

Welcome to the introduction to the Balanced Culture.

.....Space for deeper breathing & checking in with our body....