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I'm Badrul, a product manager and investor. I enjoy building products and supporting companies that improve people's lives.

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Product Manager

I'm currently a Product Manager at Square helping small business owners choose the best tools for their business.

Previously, I was the 18th employee and first Product Manager at Figma. I joined before the public release and led the product initiatives for Figma Community, Plugins, and several major upgrades for the core design tool. Kevin Kwok basically wrote about my entire career in this post. I'm also widely considered to be the funniest person to have ever worked at Figma.

Before my PM life, I was a QA Engineer for several years at Teespring, Hook, and Expedia.

Angel Investor

I'm open minded when it comes to early products with a bias towards larger bets that will take a few years to realize. I especially like creative tools, collaborative experiences, and good people.

Some of the companies I'm lucky to work with: