Generally, computers work really well, but sometimes they don’t. Sofa allows multiple ways to backup your data for extra peace of mind.

Manual Backups

At any time, you can create a manual backup of your Sofa data. This file can also be imported back into Sofa. You can easily store this file anywhere you like for safe keeping. For example, in Dropbox, iCloud Drive, or Google Drive.

How to Create a Manual Backup

  1. Navigate to Settings > Data Management
  2. Scroll to the Manual Backups section and tap the “Export” button
  3. The Activity Sheet will show and allow you to use your backup file in a number of ways: Save to the Files app, email it, and more.

Automatic Backups

When turned on, Sofa will create a backup of your data and save it to iCloud Drive every day. This is turned on by default, but can easily be turned off.

How Automatic Backups Work

Restoring from a Backup

<aside> ⚠️ Restoring from a backup will delete all existing data in the app and replace it with data from the backup file.


Similar to Import a Sofa Backup , you can restore Sofa to a previous state by selecting one of the backups.

  1. Choose the backup you’d like to restore from and tap the “Restore” button.
  2. Tap the “Start Import” button to confirm.