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General Background

Flow over a cylinder

Flow over a cylinder

The project has been started as a Open Source repository for CFD solvers. The motive is to provide handy easy to understand code with multitude of CFD schemes for cfd developers. Also, needs to remain functional as an easy to setup open source solver for users. This release only comprises of a terminal sequential prompt, simple and effective. We have immediate plans of implementing a PyQT GUI to it.

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This version comprises of a 2D Staggered Grid with Inlet, Outlet & Wall Boundary conditions. Obstacles can be imported & transformed with a list of points or with the inbuilt elliptical geometries.

First order Upwind Scheme is used for Velocity with very good results for the benchmark Lid Driven Cavity problem when compared to results in Ghia etal.

The SIM runs stable with terminal-python for <10000 Cells after which Residual plotting becomes laggy. spyder (Anaconda IDE) provides great speed-ups with multi-core utilisation & also improves the post-processing experience. The Sequential prompts based model is based on a GUI approach and will be ported to it in the next update.

The lack of multi-threading support in python trumps the ease of accessibility of matplotlib library. We will be looking to port into C++ immediately utilizing vtk libraries with paraview & blender for visualization.

The framework is designed to test new FVM schemes, & Coupling solvers. All popular convection schemes will be added soon. Multiple solvers will be available in the next updates, the likes of SIMPLER, PISO, Pimple etc. Future plans also include Unsteady & VOF solvers.

The program works as a sequential prompt, for SIM Parameters. The prompts are designed keeping in mind a GUI approach, which will be available in the next update. There are frequent Check Cycles to render the result & modify any inputs. We'll go through an exemplary First Run in the next Section.


Method: 1

To install using pip Run:

python3 -m pip install 2D_Panel-CFD