Who we are

Prisma is a new kind of education company driven by a singular mission: to create a next generation capable of solving the world's biggest problems. The world is changing faster than ever, yet our current education system is not designed for rapid change. At Prisma we have designed a new kind of K-12 learning experience, built from the ground up to not only develop kids' future-ready skills (curiosity, systems thinking & problem solving, ethical decision making, communication & collaboration, and initiative & follow through) but to instill in them a desire to make a large, positive impact on the world. Prisma combines the flexibility of home-based learning, the socialization of a close-knit peer group that meets daily, the support of an inspiring learning coach, and the personalization of an interests-based, adaptable curriculum. We believe that every student deserves to love school, be able to progress at their own pace, pursue what interests them, and to reach their full potential. If you believe this too and you dream of a job where you can truly have an impact on the world, read on!

We are led by two repeat founders whose most recent venture was bought by Google in one of its most expensive acquisitions to date. We are a well and self-funded, mission-driven company focused on scalable and sustainable growth.

What the role is

We’re looking for someone who is experienced with bookkeeping and HR to fully manage the bookkeeping, human resources and back office business aspects of our startup. This is a part-time contractor role that may become a full-time position as we grow.

What you will do

Who the ideal candidate is

You are: