Visual artist, aerial acrobat, biologist and photographer, Micael Bergamaschi has a diverse trajectory and describes himself as "on the move". Interested in ambiguities that arise by deslocating meanings from their contexts. His work is in a place between performing arts, visual arts and biology. His production goes from ludic and compelling creations, to works that talks about ambiguities in creations using multiple languages.

Bacharelor in Biological Sciences (2012), specialized in micropaleontology. Self-taught photographer since the age of 14, working in circus arts since 2014. Presented his work in ten collective exhibitions, one individual exhibition and has two photography books. As an aerial acrobat, had his training acquired in practice and with several circus and dance masters. He is currently a circus teacher at Intr├ępida Trupe Creation Space since 2017. Creator of the Circus Urban Project, a project mixing circus and photography in urban places, with international reach since 2015. In addition to a series of works on video art and video dance, recently selected by Ita├║ Cultural.