Dated: 27th February 2022

  1. Seven and half deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle
  2. The house in the Cerulean Sea
  3. Big Trouble by Dave Barry
  4. Assassin's Apprentice
  5. Finlay Donovan is killing it
  6. Every last Secret by A R Torres
  7. Comfort me with Apples
  8. Not a happy family by Shari Lapana
  9. Better to have gone by Akash Kapoor
  10. A history of places
  11. Project Hail Mary
  12. Lords of the Deccan
  13. Sweet sweet revenge limited
  14. Cards on the table by Agatha Christie
  15. Jurassic Park
  16. The Poetry Pharmacy
  17. The sage with two horns
  18. Valmiki's Women
  19. Designing your life