I was able to get feedback from three different bounty board user groups.

PageDAO - Overall was a smooth process but a clearer guide to posting would be helpful.

FTWDAO - In general would use it again but not without applications. Had bounty hunters create not just bad but also potentially damaging content, and waste our time.

The work done by ispeaknerd on the bigger bountry was great and will use the bounty function again as soon as we can write some briefs.

We have gotten to connected to the community manager.

ReputableDAO - (used a custom Loom I made). Process was easy once we established and assigned the role did that through DMs and would be great to have a more streamlined process.

Video enabled them to post a bounty immediately and on their own. This has led to the production of a video series we will use going forward.

Bounty Board Demo - PM Guild