Your job is to create more supply for the BACH marketplace. On any given day, you could be talking to a party bus business in Nashville, a nightclub in Vegas, or a yacht charter rental in Miami. You will also play a key role in BACH’s expansion; this could entail finding experiences for groups outside of BACH parties, opening up new cities, testing out new monetization verticals. Your core objective is to find the most fun experiences in the United States and add them into the BACH marketplace.

✨ The Company: BACH

✨ About Us

👰🏽 The Role: Business Development Representative

What you’ll be doing:

  1. Own a Data Driven Roadmap

    You will use the data from our itinerary to find qualified leads to add to our marketplace. The data gathered will identify where you need to invest your energy and build supply to the BACH marketplace.

  2. Understand New Market Opportunities

    On top of finding leads through our own data, you will have your finger on the pulse of our top markets. You will have a deep understanding of existing gaps and growth opportunities in each marketplace city and will know what’s hot & up and coming.