Some Of The More Common Potential Engine Concerns When Stock or Tuned.

The main cause for piston failure is poor quality fuel combined with lean AFRs, around 90% of the B4x Gen 1 cars come with the 11CR pistons. These pistons are very sensitive to low quality fuels, what we have seen is a lot of tunes tend to run fairly lean AFR targets which combined with poor quality gasoline based fuels runs the cylinders way to hot and causes premature piston failure. Another cause for concern is the intercooler on water 2 Air B4x’s whilst this intercooler is considered an upgrade over the N2x platform its really more like a “stage 1” intercooler and in hot climates we have seen IATs reach well into the 120-140F range! (Over 120F is a concern, and over 130F is dangerous at WOT) as this causes the piston rings to fail or pistons to crack.

Typically since a very large majority of the B4x engines made are with the 11 compression engines they have the highest failure rate. For higher compression engines you need better octane to minimise knock/detonation due to the increased compression.

10.2 CR based B4x & B4xTU engines are less prone to piston failure as the lower compression allows for lower quality octane fuels to be run with less chance for heat damage. However it is worth noting that there are some tunes out there that do run quite lean on the AFRs which is fine if you are running really high quality fuel.