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Satiesh here, great to meet you stranger! Do you have a name? Oh' I'll just call you Good Looking for now until we get to know each other.

Thanks for visiting my notion/website/thingy, pretty minimalistic I know but I liked the cleanness of it, plus I love Notion too. 🙂

So Good Looking, I have a team of sales copywriters and lead generation specialists, specializing in helping companies with cold outreach email and lead generation.

With our tried and tested methods we can almost guarantee an increase in your results by 10-30% or more.

We've helped our clients booked meetings with:

CBS Netflix DropBox TechCrunch ADP ...and many more companies.

Right now, we're helping Retail SAAS companies with their lead generation activities.

If you’re currently sending out emails Good looking, but want better results from the work you’re doing anyway – we can help.

Or you can browse a few strategies that I have written up below. The generate leads on autopilot is a good one to start from. It's pretty long and comprehensive, I'm super proud of it. It basically highlights three set it leave it automations you can use to get more qualified meetings with prospects. Yes, set it and leave it Good Looking, set it and leave it.

I'll also add a few quick automation hacks you can use to build a hands off process for your lead generation activities.

If you’re ready to step up your conversions, increase your response rates, and watch the sales roll in – drop us a line.

Killer Outreach Strategies