I'm a newbie and need help to understand what is going on (What is Axie and what are NFTs)

Newbie questions

→ Axie Handbook: Getting started

IMPORTANT: Read this first!


General Fixes

  1. Restart your browser and device.
  2. Reinstall the Axie application.
  3. Make sure your Ronin wallet is unlocked. Do this by clicking the Ronin wallet icon and entering your password.
  4. Try logging in and out of MetaMask/Ronin wallet.
  5. Check your internet speed here: https://fast.com/ - if your internet speed is very bad you might experience disconnects in game. Please change your location to fix.
  6. Make sure you you have an account setup here: https://marketplace.axieinfinity.com/sign-up

Frequently Encountered Issues and questions

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If you get this screen when withdrawing you need to navigate to https://bridge.axieinfinity.com/pending-withdrawal/YOURETHEREUMADDRESS