2021-08-21 07.45.19.jpg

Panorama of the sales floor - this place is huge

2021-08-20 18.26.54.jpg

Casual conversation, in costume.

2021-08-20 19.01.56.jpg

Even Captain America made an appearance.

2021-08-21 12.19.57.jpg

Not exactly the same genre, but it was great to see him welcomed into the group.

2021-08-21 10.26.48.jpg

Against the military from Alien, the Cylons didn’t stand a chance.

2021-08-21 10.49.56.jpg

The costumes are amazing! This guy had the flames color change through red, yellow, and orange. Even the kids are engaged and in costume. I think the queen paid a visit as well.

2021-08-21 14.14.53.jpg

Gordon Freeman from Half Life.

2021-08-21 16.43.32.jpg

2021-08-21 15.17.32.jpg

2021-08-21 18.02.52.jpg

2021-08-21 18.06.45.jpg

Inspiration for next year?

2021-08-21 14.28.01.jpg

Very clever.

2021-08-21 15.07.00.jpg