Prior to selling your inventory items, you may wish to check when campaigns can be booked for and the overall available space for each of your screens.

DOOHAd has an option to allow you to view the status of all of your Screens, called 'Inventory'.

By selecting Playlists>Availability form the side menu, you can see a list of all of your Screens down the page, with dates from today's date across the top of the page.

For each Screen for every day, you can see a view of all of the available number of inventory slots on each day. A colour bar shows you at a glance, the availability too, with Red being full, Green being 100% unsold and when partially sold being Green.

By default, the view shows for a month from today, and all Screens of your chosen Campaign Type.

Choose the dates closer to your client's expected campaign run dates and press 'Filter by Date' to view a different date range.

Use the filter option to filter your selection of screens to ones which are most applicable to the Client's requirements. Each of these filters can be linked so that you are able to filter by Tag, Location and availability to ensure you have the best selection of Screens for your client to advertise.