Autopilot tutorials:

How to add team members

Segment & Autopilot setup - Step 7 explains how to map Segment properties to custom autopilot fields

Segment tutorials:

Getting started

Note: If you need access to one of the above tools, make a request in the Giveth #communications channel.

Adding contacts to Autopilot

Whenever a user signs in via or adds their email address to their profile, they will show up in our Autopilot contact list.

Event-based notifications

If we ever want to send a Giveth user a notification based on an action they or another user take, we first need a Segment event.

Current list of Segment events:

  1. Page viewed
  2. Project updated - owner (triggered on behalf of the project owner)
  3. Project updated - donor (triggered on behalf of all donors to a project)
  4. Project created