The Project

The Project


Fires in Industries have the most devastating effects. Just due to a flammable gas and a spark, a fire can occur causing a huge damage.

Also now its necessary to monitor the status of the industry from anywhere. Be it home, for fire or police department or anywhere. I have an idea and that is to monitor the gases of these industries and also we can control exhaust or temperature to evacuate the gases or bring them to non-reactive state.

To get these readings from anywhere I plan to use MKR Wifi 1010 board which has WiFi as most of the industries nowadays do have a decent WiFi and so the data can be sent over to a server and also read. Also to control the exhaust fans and AC or any such atmosphere or something else I plan to use CAN shield. Although I don't know much about it  I had found out that most of the instruments in refining or manufacturing industries use CAN Interface only! We can also detect motion going on at some places and of course Temp, Humidity and Air pressure...

I also want the connected machines/devices to be controlled via web and the Conditions changing based on the phase of operation making it great and easy for automated operation of the machines...

Hardware Required:

Hardware for making your own CAN device: