Trigger? Intent Audience Frequency Content New event required
First time app install Conversions, Redirect to offers page All app downloads, no purchase One time App exclusive limited time offer {Offer body}
Abandoned cart Conversions, Here’s a deal for you to complete purchase Add to cart, no purchase T, T+2 Here’s a deal for you to complete purchase
Signup Account signup Items viewed, No signup T+1 Signup to get access to exclusive offers
Search Conversions, you were looking for x? Search, no purchase Dynamic We saw you were looking for x, how about a n% off to complete the purchase? Yes
Items back in stock Engagement All Dynamic Our most loved product y is back in stock, go purchase it now before it goes out of stock again Yes
Order status change Post purchase experience Purchase, order status state change Dynamic
Local wishlist purchase conversion Purchase T+1
New video content in app Engagement All Dynamic We’ve added a new video “Title” come check it out Yes
New products added Engagement All Dynamic We’re launching a new product, come get exclusive early access to it Yes
New offer in app Purchase All Dynamic We have an exclusive offer for you {offer} Yes