AutocompleteView is a SwiftUI view that provides automatic completions as a user types in text field.

It’s built on SwiftUI, and the codebase is pretty small so you can quickly go through and learn how it works. Since it’s so small, it’s not extremely flexible or fast.

How you would use it off-the-shelf

I assume you have some class with an array of strings that you want the autocomplete to run on, and a corresponding array of objects that you want each string to be associated to. Conform this class to ContentProvider. Then getting the autocompletion view is as easy as:

import AutocompleteView

struct ContentView: View {
    @State var yourClass: ContentProvider
    var body: some View {
        AutocompleteView.AutcompleteView(suggester: yourClass.makeSuggester())

This class by itself doesn’t actually do anything yet; clicking on an element won’t do anything. However, you can pass in two parameters to AutocompleteView:

Where to start if you want to modify it

The way it works is you have a ContentProvider which has an array of strings. Then this ContentProvider makes a Suggester. This suggester is an observable object, and has a prompt variable where the text field is bound to and it publishes an array of Suggestion objects. As the prompt gets changed by the user, the suggestions are recalculated. The SuggestionView view shows visualizes a single Suggestion and the SuggestionListView view observes the Suggester object and has a list of SuggestionViews. I’ve provided an example of how to use it in the “Example” directory with some dog breeds. I would suggest looking through the source code in that order ^.


Pull requests are welcome! Possible extensions could be implementing a cache, making it more generic, anything. Also feel free to contact me or drop an issue if you have any questions.