Updated March 17, 2022

These guidelines provide examples for how to implement the authorisation flow in relation to joint accounts.

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According to rule 1.7, a joint account is a joint account with a data holder for which there are 2 or more joint account holders, each of which is an individual who:

(i) so far as the data holder is aware, is acting in their own capacity and not on behalf of another person; and

(ii) is eligible in relation to the data holder; but does not include a partnership account with a data holder.

Division 4.2A sets out the three disclosure options (pre-approval option, co-approval option and non-disclosure option), with the default option being the pre-approval option.

The guidelines in this section provide examples of how to implement requirements for the authorisation flow for disclosing data from joint accounts.

For further guidance, see ACCC's Revised joint account implementation guidance.

Authorise is the third stage of ‣.

Authorise is the third stage of ‣.

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Default example (pre-approval option)