When talking about authentications there are two types, the first type is how does a fleet authenticate and send status updates to Orkestro. The second type is how do request from Orkestro get authenticated to the Fleet. Both will be discussed here.

Authentication to Orkestro From Fleet

In order to send status updates to Orkestro, an API key is required to be set in the header of every request. The API key will enable Orkestro to ensure that the fleet has been activated and updates are made only on bookings that belong to the fleet. To find the API key navigate to the fleet management section under settings and find the fleet credentials section (as seen below). The API key can be renewed at any point by hitting the reset button.

Location of Fleet API key.

Location of Fleet API key.

When attaching the api-key please ensure it adheres to the following format:

x-api-key: KFUhiluearahgawlit8hwiaeafuiqt87Erqt24qtq

Authentication from Partners and Merchants to Fleets

When setting up a fleet, there will be a prompt asking which credentials type use, and to insert dummy credentials. This will help during the testing phase to ensure that quotes are being received and bookings can be accepted into the fleets API. Testing whether these works are relatively easy - any given fleet will also have access to the dashboard and can create orders via a form which will then send a request for quotes to the fleet (once everything has been set up) using the authentication type and credentials provided upon creation.

Currently Orkestro supports:

Merchant and Partner Auth

When working with Orkestro there are three kinds of setups that can be enabled, however, the credentials used for partners will always be the same. This is mostly set on the Merchant side, so this will only be briefly covered.

Orders are inserted into Orkestro via one of three ways: