The Basics

Log in

Log into Auth0 at

—> Click HERE for Credentials (Google Account permissions required)

Switch Tenets

A "tenet" is a subdivision of the account that allows for organization of users and roles by project. Users set up in different tenets are treated completely separately, and can have different passwords even, but this is confusing so to the extent we can manage it, users with setups in more than one tenet should be set to use the same password.

NOTE: Most of our projects have their own "tenet" although a few were set up using the main "lre-water" tenet

Be sure to verify you are in the tenet you think you are before managing users or making changes! Look at the top-left corner of the page:

Manage Users

Click the User Management menu on the left to expand and select Users to see all active users.

Use the Create user button to set up new users, or click an existing user to modify.

Assign Roles

In most cases, a user will need to be assigned one or more roles before their login will work on a website. Be sure to verify/assign roles using the "Roles" tab.