Lenawee Trail (MTB)

August 2, 2020

To start the month Emily and I took a trip to Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort so that I could check off one of the high alpine mountain bike rides I had been dreaming of riding, Lenawee Pass.

<aside> 🚵‍♂️ Lenawee Trail on MTB project.


We woke up at around 5am and packed up the car with Rory (🐶) in tow. It takes about 2 hours to get to Abasin from our home, without traffic. The ride itself starts at the base of the resort, at about 10,800ft and climbs to the top of the Montezuma Bowl—roughly 12,500ft. It's actually not that bad a climb and is littered with wildflowers and breathtaking views.




Once at the top of the resort you're greeted with amazing views of the surrounding peaks, plus there's a 2,000ft descent through the high-alpine environment down to Keystone Resort.




The descent is harrowing, rocky and fast. However there's really only one section that is a "no fall" zone, at the top of the descent. After that, it's a fast ride to the bottom where I met up with Emily and Rory who spent the few hours I was away, working in Keystone village.

If you're looking to ride this route, check it out here on MTB project. You'll climb up Argentine Trail from Absain to the double track service road and then descend Lenawee. A full-suspension bike makes it much more enjoyable.

I'd also recommend having a friend or family member shuttle you up to Abasin. Otherwise you'll need to park at Keystone and pedal up US-6, which adds quite a bit of climbing along a busy, ~50mph, highway.

Bring: snacks, water and a camera.

Emily & Kavalier

August 3, 2020

Emily has been working towards becoming a certified equine bodyworker in the state of Colorado. As she forges ahead we've been beginning to build out her business. She has setup an LLC., and we are working on building out her brand and website.

As a first step, I went over to the barn to take some photographs of her performing bodywork on her horse, Kavalier.