Editor note: I’m mostly trolling on this post LinkedIn post

my friends are all attachment styles this and attachment styles that when it comes to dating. however, has anyone had the brilliant idea of applying attachment styles to working at a tech company? I didn’t think so! now you might be thinking, “hey Stephen isn’t this a bad idea?” and yes, it is. but just like we should all hope to be secure partners in our relationships, we should also possibly strive to be secure capitalistic partners at work.

first, what are attachment styles? from my very topical reading and a lot of projection, here’s a short summary as well as some relevant spotify songs. there are three styles: anxious, avoidant, and secure. anxious people (”inside out”, “used to you”) are often overinvested to the point of destruction in their relationships, constantly misperceiving slight signals as catastrophes. avoidant people (”Let’s Fall In Love…”) create distance from their partners when their intimacy lines start getting crossed. secure people are great. go read the book “Attached” if you’d like more information or potential trauma

i think the following section is best suited as a list. NOTE that me listing them here isn’t me condemning these behaviors as I totally do them all the time. but maybe there’s something to think about 🤔. here are some avoidant traits at work:

in a lot of these cases, these are defense mechanisms employed to make good use of your time. though it’s still useful to reflect on them instead of just doing them automatically.

and anxious: