I always wanted to be a part of a products from self help sphere once; reason not only being the positivity it brings to people, but also being able to say hello to the sheer cognitive science behind it.

That's how I came across Atom. It wouldn't need any introduction if it wasn't new - It's the highest rated meditation app on Google Play Store specifically designed for beginners.

My Role

Was flexible: Starting with UI/UX, Product analysis, Graphic design, Storyboarding etc. and then later kickstarting a Design System as a Project.

I got a chance to take interviews for usability test of people from different countries work with different people from different fields, and be a part of all those engineering scrums as a designer; It felt quite open as compared to a monotonous 'designers - only' environment of university classes in general.

What I learned...

I learned hands-on usability testing; and about data and ux analytical tools like uxcam, mixpanel; and intercom for communicating with end users directly; How the smallest data points taken effectively from these analytics can largely influence design and scale up the product.

After the internship I got an opportunity to kickstart a design system for atom as a live project in my 6th semester of college; and further stayed connected through ux consulting for an new product currently in-making.