CoachUp 24/7 was created to provide coaches the ability to virtually train their athletes. The Athletes tab is where you'll see all the athletes you're currently training.

Note: Inside CoachUp 24/7, the term Athlete is used interchangeably with the term Client

  1. Invite a Client
  2. View Client Information
  3. Delete a Client

1. Invite a Client

Existing CoachUp Clients

If a client already has a CoachUp account, simply send them your virtual training link. They'll be able to:

  1. Tap your Virtual Training Link
  2. Tap Sign In at the top right of their screen
  3. Input their CoachUp Username and Password
  4. Tap Subscribe Now
  5. Pay for the service
  6. Download CoachUp 24/7 from the Apple or Google Play Store
  7. Sign In to CoachUp 24/7

Once your client is signed in, they'll be able to receive chat message and customize workouts directly on the CoachUp 24/7 app.