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Redesigning the agenda view for multiple roles and improving the flexibility of the appointment card

User Problem · Business Problem · Solution

Timeline: Jan 2021 - Apr 2021

Role: UX Designer Intern

Tool: Figma

User Problem

The agenda view is frequently checked by the front desk, providers and practice managers. The front desk needs to find the appointment booked by the patient coming for check in; providers need to check the schedule of their own or people they work with; and practice managers need to gain an overview of how the department they are in charge of works. The agenda view serves multiple roles and they all have unique needs and wants that vary tremendously. In particular, the previous design offers no easy way of setting it to display only the schedule of providers and departments that users care about.

Business Problem

COVID-19 creates a plethora of use cases that the previous appointment card framework simply does not support, such as COVID-19 alert and tele-health. To solve for that issue, many one-off solutions were peremptorily implemented into the previous appointment card that greatly impacted scannability and increased experience and tech debt.


Click the screen below to interact with the prototype made by Figma!