Atem is a decentralized content creation protocol, we aim at helping creators tokenize their content and build web3 native communities via NFTs. Utilizing Atem Protocol, we built web3 community social platform AtemChat, and web3 review sharing platform AtemReview to help creators build connections with their communities, and create exclusive token-gated experience.


What is Web3?

Web3 is the decentralized web where blockchain technology is the foundation protocol such that users are in control of their data and identity. It is also known as the "aligned web". By allowing users to own their data, the network effect no longer belongs to platforms, but rather, is returned to users. Under the context of web3, developers can focus on improving user experience and getting access to users with the help of an open network rather than acquiring users first, users can enjoy the services from multiple developers rather than being controlled by a single platform.

What is decentralized creator economy?

Previously, the creator economy is mainly controlled by the platform, where content and connection of creators are stored in a centralized platform. The platform can decide what users can see, and how they take the profit from creators. By storing content and connection on a decentralized protocol, creators can create direct connections with their fans, and the platform has switched from the controller to the service provider. Based on this paradigm shift, a decentralized creator economy can be built, where creators can focus on creating content directly for their fans, and monetize their content and influence without platforms. Atem Network is the first decentralized content creation protocol that puts creator rights and composability first.

Why NFT?

Non-fungible token (NFT) refers to “unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain and cannot be replicated”.

We believe NFT is a perfect way to prove the intellectual property for content due to its composability and non-fungible nature. Creators can easily claim their right to certain content by minting the content into NFTs, and can monetize their content by allowing fans to collect content NFTs. Creators can also launch creator membership NFTs to build their web3 native communities, fans can build connections directly with creators via on-chain protocol without the platform, and different platforms can build web3 native interaction around such connections, which can unlock the full potential of web3 native communities.

Problems with the current content creator ecosystem

Today most content and relationships are stored in a centralized platform, where creators can hardly interact with their fans without the platform, the platform can decide how they take the profit. NFT is a good tool to help creators monetize their content and influence, however, most creators are not artists, and it’s easier for them to create engaging content than create art pieces. Also, content creators desire strong community engagement with their fans; from identity verification, and smart contract interaction to community-centered activities. The current web2 infrastructure cannot natively support all these purposes, and in the end, it is not efficiently capable of forming web3 native communities.

Atem Solution

To solve these problems for creators, Atem is building a decentralized content creation protocol to help creators tokenize their content. On top of it, a web3 community social platform is built, AtemChat, where creators engage with their fans based on the same membership NFTs they hold. Even more, a web3 review sharing platform, AtemReview, where users can discover and share their reviews on web3 and build web3 native connections with creators via content NFTs and creator NFTs. In the future, we will explore more web3 native apps built on the connection between creators and fans, which are stored on decentralized protocols.

Atem is a decentralized content creation protocol. We aim at helping creators tokenize their content and build web3 native communities. The following is a summary of the Atem protocol’s main function.