#CollageZine is an Experimental Editorial Design workshop created by design teacher and multidisciplinary artist Max Yakin Bozek. Among other things, Max has co-founded Elefante Sashimi art-book publisher, Atari-Burroughs zine and Jopo de Gomina collage collective.

This very intensive crash course was designed to encourage people to publish their own art-book or fanzine in a very small period of time. The workshop integrates Form & Content as a whole, in a way that both aspects are constantly interweaving and complemented together.

In 8 hours we will go from the Concept Idea to the Content Generation, to Final Edition (binding included). In the middle we will grab something for eat and drink, listen to music, play and have lots of fun.

In conclusion, we will enjoy and make new printed friends while making a little art-book from beginning to end. Oh, yes, all in one third of a day! Are you in? Write us now and subscribe now for the next workshop!




Workshop Mechanics:

The methodology of the workshop consists in 3 main phases:



In this first step we create awesome original artwork to be showcased in our publication. We make pictures, posters, draw, write and generate pieces of art out of recycled material donated by our sponsors and supporters. You are also welcome to bring your own material that best represents your interest.

Materials Needed for P1:

Discarded material to be recycled: All kind of nice papers, cardboards and obsolete printed stuff. Good examples are vintage magazines, retro cloths, old flyers, tickets, packaging, labels, instruction guides, wallpaper, textured ribbons, tapes, found objects, newspaper clippings, typographic forms, calligraphy pieces, poems, signs, street posters, old pictures, photo albums, etc. Also all kind of cardboards and semi rigid materials for making the covers.

Phase 01 duration: 4 hours