Quest: Ask the mighty Misanth for a 1-to-1 onboarding session and record it.

Important considerations:

  1. Cover the steps within the slides 2-11 of "MG Onboarding slides"
  2. Record the onboarding session and edit it to become a guide that others can follow for self-onboarding.
  3. Report to the Did-a-thing channel and tag Misanth with you. Share the post in the Headhunter's channel so we know that you have achieved the quest.


A great amount of XP coming from reporting in Did-a-thing as you have guaranteed a Dark Diamond from Web Three Prophet plus what the community values. W3P will publicly recognize your contribution in the Champion's Ring, so others identify and properly recognize your contribution. Bonus: If your video is top quality it will be used within MetaGame’s booth at the Job Fair, and you will get other top ranked players to further recognize your work.