Read-only right is useful when there are Evocon users in the company who need access to certain production stations and factories for analytical purposes. It is also for those who do not need to have the possibility to modify any of manufacturing data (production stops, defects, product changeovers etc.)

The read-only mode can be applied only when the user has an Office or a Shift View user role because by default Evocon administrators have read & write access to all assigned factories.

When to use read-only rights?

  1. We recommend enabling read-only for users with Office role who are not directly connected to the production process (finance, planning etc.). They might need access to real-time and historical production data and reports because of their job position.
  2. We recommend adding an Office role with read-only access for Factory administrators. They might want to benchmark the performance of their factories to other factories within the company which they are not directly responsible for. This enables them access to real-time and historical production data (OEE, production delays, performance etc) of other factories but not change any of the data.
  3. We recommend enabling read-only for users with Shift View role. Operators might need to check the real-time production information of other machines or stations.
  4. It is also useful in ensuring no unwanted changes in production data in case there is an incentive for employees to do this. E.g. when their bonus or salary depends on certain OEE levels.

How to assign read-only rights to users?

  1. Go to Settings and open the "Users" card.

  2. Add new user or open an existing account for editing.

  3. Assign role (either Office or Shift View) and factories for the user.

  4. Choose "read-only" or "read & write" for the stations this user should have access to.

  5. Click "Save".

<aside> 💡 Note: If you enable this for an existing user, then log off/log on is required for the changes to apply.